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The Kid Scoop: Toronto Kids Activities directory > PVB Enterprises - VOLLEYBALL

Age Range: 9 years - 14 years
PVB Enterprises - VOLLEYBALL : Sports & Teen Fun  Activities for Kids in Toronto



PVB Enterprises - VOLLEYBALL : Sports & Teen Fun Activities for Kids in Toronto

PVB's Developmental Academy caters to male and female athletes ages 9-14. Content is designed to give young developing athletes a basic understanding of major volleyball skills (Passing, setting, attacking and serving while also learning the tactical side of the game). Athletes will be given the opportunity to play an official game of volleyball the last 20 min of each session where they will test their upgraded knowledge / skill base. Many of our instructors are professional athletes or top ranked coaches within Ontario who love working with young developing athletes. Our coaching philosophy for young developing athletes is to have as much fun as possible while also learning the value of hard work and focus. Ultimately our goal within this program is to help developing athletes fall in love with the game of volleyball / prepare athletes for a more competitive volleyball experience

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