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The Kid Scoop: Toronto Kids Activities directory > H2O-Fit

Age Range: 0 months - 3 years
H2O-Fit : Sports & Family Fun  Activities for Kids in Toronto

34 Laurentide Dr.


Midtown, M3A 3C7



H2O-Fit : Sports & Family Fun Activities for Kids in Toronto

Class Description--Diaper-Fit This unique swim class for parents and tots (5-18 months) is a great combination of fitness and fun for everyone. Each 60 minute class includes a 30 minute aquafit workout for parents, followed by a 30 minute activity/swim component for the tots. Most importantly, our pools are warm for the children, and one location is a salt-water pool. During the first half of our class, parents enjoy a challenging aquafit workout while their children sit alongside in flotation seats, allowing them to kick their legs, splash with their hands and remain in contact with their parents at all times. During the second half of our class, children will enjoy active sing-songs with a variety of toys (puppets, balls, water cups, hula-hoops, splash pads, slide, etc.), and also learn basic swimming skills such as ear-dipping, face-wetting, flutterkicking, the back float, and progessive stages towards submersion. Class Description--Toddler-Fit This fifty minute class in the shallow end of the pool further develops the basic swimming skills learned in Diaper-Fit. A variety of different games and activites are accompanied by all-new songs and water toys. Children will increase their comfort level in the water and be ready for progression to Red Cross swimming lessons.

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