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Fight Spring Break Fever with the kids


Now that the kids have come down from their holiday highs and the over-stimulation created by too much sugar and too much fun, it’s on to the next parental challenge. The kids are already thinking about their next break in mid-March from the routine of school, homework and extra-curricular activities. And all I’m thinking about is how my husband and I can’t prevail on the generosity of our employers – again – to take off time to entertain our threesome during their spring breaks.

Let’s consider the alternatives, but let’s leave out family trips to Disney or an exotic island. Perhaps a visit to their grandparents for a week? But that would involve putting my gang on a train and that is far too nerve-wracking, although all three would clearly enjoy the freedom (file that thought away for when they are older). Also, one set of grandparents already made it clear during the holidays that her “togetherness” levels were saturated.

Then I thought about how my friends and I enjoy sharing children and entertainment responsibilities with our usual play dates. Maybe I could entice five friends to each take a child…well, the mathematical calculations and the logistics generated by that option faded rapidly as I quickly ran through a mental checklist of my friends.

Putting aside parental guilt for the moment, I turned to my personal assistant ( of course)! A search for March or Spring Break turned up suggestions for assorted activities where the kids will be supervised, stimulated (just enough) and securely attended to. My pre-schooler already attends a daycare when not in school, so a telephone call to secure his attendance for full days sealed that deal. Sporty son was a cinch to place in a weeklong program because I found a wide selection of camps offering multi-sports. My ‘tween even proved to be an easy sell when I informed her that she could pick and choose between cooking classes, art lessons or teambuilding activities. Yay me!

Day 1 of spring break arrived and I was lightheaded (with relief?) as I merrily dropped off my children at their appointed locations. The lightheadness was strangely replaced by sluggishness as the day progressed. By the time I picked up the kids, I was definitely feeling less than euphoric and alternately shivering and sweating (anxiety over the camp selections?). Later that evening, my hubbie pegged my temperature at 102 F, my throat was swollen shut and I ached all over. Apparently my “break” would be spent in bed while I nursed the flu, too dizzy to watch daytime TV and quarantined from the kids for fear of spreading my germs. After all, I didn’t want to spoil their spring break too.

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