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Girl Guides 2

What Moms & Dads are saying about Girl Guides Canada

As our daughters get back into their school year routines and look upon fond memories of summer camp or spending sunny days outdoors, we’re hoping to round out their extracurricular activities with positivity. We already know that Girl Guides of Canada is an amazing organization but it doesn’t hurt to hear it first from other parents.

For the second year in a row, Girl Guides of Canada asked parents about their daughters’ experiences. The amazing results validate everything we ever thought [...]

Swimming Pool

Toronto Swimming Lessons at Shendy’s Swim School

The thought of putting on a bathing suit in the middle of winter may seem like a dreadful thought to some of us. Personal grooming aside (hello spray tan!), while we may not be in the mood to get into the pool, we know our kids are always game. While swimming is a summer-time must, we’re hoping to make it a year long theme with some of the best Toronto swimming lessons in town!

Shendy’s Swim School offers a little escape [...]


Chinese New Year Vancouver Celebrations

In just a matter of a few weeks, Chinese New Year will be trotting into Vancouver as 2014 is marked as the year of the horse. The Chinese New Year Vancouver celebrations can be wonderful outings for the entire family, making the most of the city and the great outdoors during the winter season. Here are some of our favourites!

Chinese New Year Celebration, Sunset Community Centre

January 30, 5pm-7pm

Celebrate the year of the horse at Sunset Community Centre, with lively entertainment [...]

Dog Sled Witner Carnival

Montreal Winter Festival Season 2014!

With the New Year upon us and celebrations wrapping up, we unfortunately don’t have much to look forward to aside from the bleak winter ahead. As temperatures dip even lower and we’re tempted to stay indoors more often, Montreal winter festival season is swinging into town, and surrounding cities giving us more than a few reasons to get outdoors!


Watch us on Breakfast TV

Fête des neiges de Montréal, Parc Jean-Drapeau

Weekends, January 19 to February 9

With a fresh new look and hours [...]

Photo credit: Avenue Road Arts School

Kids Art Projects: LED Candle Holder

Home Art Fun with the Avenue Road Arts School!

Kids Art Projects: Let’s Make A LED Candleholder!

What You’ll Need:

Bristol Board or cardboard tube (you can make the tube out of Bristol board, or use an empty toilet paper roll)
Cardboard or foam board
Glue Stick or Hot Glue Gun (with adult supervision)
Permanent Marker
Oil Pastels
Scrap Pieces of Cardboard
Accessories such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper, foam paper, jewels
An LED candle (can be purchased at a dollar store)


What To Do:

Have an adult cut the cardboard/foam board [...]


A great (new) way to fundraise!

Let’s face it.  It’s hard out there for a parent.  We’re constantly getting roped into donating, or being asked to fundraise for something our kids are doing, by some charity, school, club, or organization that is asking us to either:

1)   Buy something we don’t need (hint:  how many chocolate covered almonds can we stand),

2)   Attend something we don’t want to attend, or

3)   Give money just because it’s been awhile since the last time we did

Well, a company here in Toronto [...]

Groove School of Dance

Groove Dance Toronto Kids have the Moves!

Kids love to dance! Put some music on and they are sure to start grooving and moving, creating their very own dance party! But when it comes time to learn the ins and outs of dance genres, we know to send our kids to Groove Dance Toronto!

Located in Forest Hill, the Groove School of Dance has become renown for providing children with a professional atmosphere that makes dance fun. The school teaches children between the ages of one and 17 [...]

Photo source: Change Lingerie

What Lies Beneath Christmas Clothes – Change Lingerie

In the midst of shopping for gifts, cooking up a feast and decorating our homes, we need to find the time to fill our wardrobes with new looks for the season. While Christmas clothes may be on our shopping list, from a new little back dress to a comfy pair of flannel pajamas, we often times forget to stop and think about what lies beneath.

Is that basic nude bra really the way to ring in a New Year? Do our [...]


Ice Skating Vancouver – Gliding Guide

Hockey is our national sport. But before kids can get out on the ice passing the puck, they need to learn the basics of skating. This great winter cardio sport can be an hour of leisurely fun or turn into something bigger as kids progress either in hockey or figure skating. But where to get them started? We’ve put together a guide of where to glide: ice skating Vancouver!

Robson Square Skating Rink

Free skating in the heart of downtown Vancouver! This [...]


Ski Vancouver – Hit the Slopes!

The snow is coming! That can only mean one thing…time to pull out our skis and poles or snowboards for another amazing season out on the slopes. Whether our kids are just starting out, we’re skiing as a family or our tweens and teens are riding solo, we have some favourite ski hills we can’t help but share. Here is our guide to ski Vancouver and the surroundings slopes.


Grouse Mountain

Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, this mountain is already ready [...]

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