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Remembrance Day Paper Poppy Craft For Kids!



On November 11, we all take a moment in Canada to remember the veterans who fought for our country.  It’s the perfect time to teach children about the history behind this day of remembrance, and there are so many great activities available for young children, like this Remembrance Day Paper Poppy Craft for kids.

Remembrance Day  pays honor to all those who died defending their country. It’s also a day to remember, honor and thank all men and women who serve our countries in the name of freedom and human rights. And, that’s why we think this Paper Poppy Craft is a winner!

What you will need:

■Red and Green construction paper
■Green pipe cleaner
What you do:

Have the children draw 4 large hearts on the red construction paper.

Next, have them cut out the heart shapes and glue them all together at the tips.

Once done, each child will have a red flower.

Now, have the children draw a round circle on the green construction paper and cut it out.

Instruct them to glue the green circle in the centre of their red flower.

Lastly, have them draw leaves on the green construction paper and cut them out.

They then glue the leaves to the green pipe cleaner.

And, voila, they now have their very own Paper Poppy for Remembrance Day!

Many Thanks to Kiboomu for helping The Kid Scoop with this great craft for kids:

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